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2024-2025 Electives

Phase 2 Rotation Schedule

Rotation Schedule 2024-2025

Phase 3 Rotation Schedule

Rotation Schedule 2024-2025

Important Reminders:

  • If rotating at the Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis, you must email the VA a minimum of 30 days in advance of the rotation to initiate the onboarding process. Please refer to Step 1 of the VA Onboarding process on the VA Onboarding page for the required information that you must provide in your email.
  • 30 days-notice is required to add or drop an elective.
  • When dropping a course, you must notify your Lead Advisor, the Registrar, the Course Director, and the Course Admin. Automatic notifications DO NOT occur via our systems.

Planning electives based on career specialty interest:

The IUSM Mentoring and Advising Program provides an excellent guide for each specialty. This highly recommended guide includes recommendations for electives based on your specialty interest. For unique situations and other questions, please talk with your career faculty advisor and Lead Advisor.

Students select from five categories of electives:

  • Clinical Practice Electives
    Students develop patient care skills and familiarity with the fundamental principles of practicing in a particular specialty.
  • Advanced Clinical Electives
    Students actively participate in a robust clinical experience as an integrated member of a healthcare team. These electives also allow for reflection on professional development and career pathways.
  • Advanced Science Research Electives
    Students pursue a review or scholarly research experience in the biomedical sciences and explore its relevance in clinical medicine.
  • Professional Development Electives
    Students develop knowledge and skills outside of the traditional medical school curriculum that advance their success in medical practice
  • Special Electives
    Students can pursue unique opportunities that are available outside of the IUSM electives catalog. These require advance discussion and planning with your advisors and the Medical Student Education office. A Special Elective Proposal Form must be completed in order to enroll in a Special Elective course.

Critical Care Selectives

Career Exploration

Mind Body Medicine

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