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2024-2025 Career Exploration Electives

Career Exploration Electives are designed to provide exposure to various career specialties for Phase 2 students. There are a variety of Career Exploration Electives currently available in the catalog (please see the course information below). Students who wish to explore a career interest that is not included in the catalog may work with an identified faculty mentor to propose a Career Exploration Special Elective rotation. Phase 3 (Fourth year students) must apply via a Special Elective proposal and must have special permission from their Lead Advisor and Course Director to enroll. Students may also reach out to the Electives Team via for assistance with Career Exploration Elective opportunities.

If students need assistance with identifying a faculty mentor for their area of interest, they may reach out to the Career Mentoring Department.

Faculty that are interested in creating a Career Exploration Elective for the catalog should fill out an Elective Proposal Form. For questions regarding Career Exploration Electives or the Elective Proposal Form please reach out to the Electives team via

Critical Care Selectives

Career Exploration

Mind Body Medicine

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This is a two-week elective.

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Available for Third-Year Students

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Note: The months are split into two-week blocks.

Note: The months are split into two-week blocks.

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