2020-2021 Career Exploration Electives

Career Exploration Electives are designed to provide exposure to various career specialties for Phase 2 students. There are a variety of Career Exploration Electives currently available in the catalog (please see the course information below). Students who wish to explore a career interest that is not included in the catalog may work with an identified faculty mentor to propose a Career Exploration Special Elective rotation. Students may also reach out to the Electives Team via iusmecat@iu.edu for assistance with Career Exploration Elective opportunities.

If students need assistance with identifying a faculty mentor for their area of interest, they may reach out to the Career Mentoring Department.

Faculty that are interested in creating a Career Exploration Elective for the catalog should fill out a Career Exploration Elective Proposal Form and return the completed form to the Electives Team via iusmecat@iu.edu.

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