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This course is designed for 4th year students interested in a career in combined internal medicine-pediatrics, or �Med-Peds.� The rotation will consist of both clinical time (90%) and library time (10%). The clinical time will be 100% outpatient, focusing on the care of adult and pediatric patients in the outpatient arena. Much of the focus will be primary care related, including preventive medicine, well-child care, acute care, and counseling of patients. The attendings involved in this course will be exclusively trained in Med-Peds, in order to the student to gain appropriate comfort in learning what distinguishs Med-Peds as a unique specialty. The student will spend approximately 50% of the clinical time in a community health center, working with faculty who care primarily for underserved populations, and approximately 50% in a metropolitan clinic (�private practices�) located in Avon, IN, associated with IU Health at IU Health West. The library time will consist of choosing one particular patient seen by the student during the course, asking a clinical question based on that patient, and performing a literature search. The student will review appropriate literature, and then present a brief PowerPoint presentation on the appropriate clinical topic to various attendings and residents at a Med-Peds conference. Students will also be able to attend the weekly Med-Peds conference.

Elective Details:

Primary Contact for Add/Drops: Michael J. Wilson, MD, PhD (mwilson9@iuhealth.org)

Director: Michael J Wilson, M.D., Ph.D.

Campus: Indianapolis

Location: Eskenazi Health Center North Arlington (Indianapolis), Southwest Health Center (Indianapolis), IU Health Avon Outpatient Clinic (Avon), IU Health Physicians (Mooresville)

Learning Objectives

  • 1) Improve comfort in counseling of outpatient adult and pediatric patents (ISC2)
  • 2) Discuss evaluation and management of common ambulatory presentation of adults and children (PC2)
  • 3) Hone skills in oral presentation of ambulatory adult and pediatric patients (ISC5)
  • 4) Reflect upon different practice types for Med-Peds physicians (i)e), community health vs) metropolitan private practices) and how patient demographics impact delivery of health care to individual patients (PC1)
  • 5) Describe importance of �transitional care� and how Med-Peds physicians play a role in caring for patients across the continuum of care from childhood to adulthood (PC1)


  • Clinical Performance Evaluation Form; (The course utilizes an Oral Presentation Evaluation Form � MedPeds Student Elective. The students are required to give this form to their attending, and have the attending complete the form and turn it back in to the student. This MUST be done a minimum of 5 times).

Enrollment Information

Prerequisites: 4th year status, IUSM Students only

Availability with Max Students per Month:


Duty Hours: 45

Time Distribution: 90% clinical, 10% library

Elective Type Category: CP - Clinical Practice

Notes and Enrollment Information:

Add/Drop Contact Person: Michael J. Wilson, MD, PhD (mwilson9@iuhealth.org) Students may take this rotation only once

Third Year Elective? No

Interprofessional Skills and Service Learning

Interprofessional Collaborative Skills: Yes

Skills Description: The students will work with social workers and nurses.

Service Learning Included: None