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This course is designed for students with interest in how other students learn and how to develop resources and interventions to improve student performance. The course uses small group setting in which students can benefit from peer and facilitator feedback and support other's learning.

Elective Details:

Primary Contact for Add/Drops: Kristin Richey (Klivelys@iupui.edu)

Director: Abigail Klemsz, M.D., Ph.D.

Campus: Indianapolis

Location: IUSM - Indianapolis

Learning Objectives

  • 1) Identify various pedagogical methods of teaching and learning (PBLI1)
  • 2) Develop an understanding of student success indicators, red flags, and at-risk behavior (PBLI1)
  • 3) Analyze existing learning issue(s) and identify ways to help student(s) solve those issues(P2)
  • 4) Apply meta-cognitive theory to practice (PBLI1)
  • 5) Collaborate with other students on a shared goal and project (SBP1)


  • Professional Development Evaluation Form: (The students will have an oral presentation and will produce an artifact that demonstrates practical application of meta-cognitive theory to a learning issue that exists at IUSM)

Enrollment Information

Prerequisites: 3rd or 4th year status: Prior tutoring experience at IUSM required.

Availability with Max Students per Month:


Duty Hours: 40

Time Distribution: 20%Library/Research; 80% Lecture/Seminar

Elective Type Category: PD - Professional Development

Notes and Enrollment Information:

Add/Drop Contact Person: Kristin Richey (Klivelys@iupui.edu) For Phase II and Phase III students. THIS ELECTIVE DOES NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE INITIAL SENIOR MATCH. Students need permission to enroll. Please contact Kristin Richey (klivelys@iupui.edu).

Third Year Elective? Yes

Interprofessional Skills and Service Learning

Interprofessional Collaborative Skills: None

Service Learning Included: None